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Journey to Oasis Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC



Journey to Oasis Counseling & Consulting Services

Journey to Oasis Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC. Our mission is to provide affordable and quality mental health services to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and underserved communities.


Journey to Oasis's targeted population is women of color addressing depression, anxiety, Women's health issues, and other women's issues. We provide reproductive counseling services that focus on perinatal mental health and doula services. I desire to inspire, uplift and support women through all phases of life transitions.


The primary goal of Journey to Oasis is to assist women with experiencing total wellness with an emphasis on Self-care!


The Journey to Oasis Brand pillars of total wellness focuses on spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, financial, and career!


Theoretical Orientation


Journey to Oasis's theoretical orientation is centered around Self-Actualization, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness. It is our expected outcome when engaging with our clients is to help them achieve self-actualization. We desire to provide them with the tools and skills to aid them in their life journey to personal growth and development. We feel that to attain self-actualization, they must first be resilient and empowered by their presenting problems.


The journey to self-actualization will be achieved by utilizing motivational interviewing, mindfulness techniques, and setting smart goals with the clients. Our theoretical orientation aims to guide and coach clients to obtain self-actualization by determination, motivation, resiliency, and mindfulness. Through motivational interviewing and mindfulness practices, our goal is that our clients will attain self-actualization and live a life of total wellness in the realm of psychological and spiritual wholeness.


Theoretical Orientation/Intervention


The purpose of Motivational Interviewing is to assist clients with identifying and addressing the negative issues, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that have caused them not to achieve fulfillment in their lives. Once those negative characteristics or behaviors have been identified, we will explore how we can change those behaviors into positive strengthens.


Motivational Interviewing pushes clients into a constant state of resiliency. Once that behavior change has occurred and they know what triggers those negative feelings and thoughts, they will incorporate mindfulness techniques to help them remember what motivates them to seek self-actualization. I feel that mindfulness is a constant state of mind and being; it allows individuals to practice self-awareness.

At Journey to Oasis, we want our clients to identify positive and negative triggers, so taking moments to be aware of how they experienced a time can help change the undesirable behaviors. Individuals who practice mindfulness have to practice intentionally without judging the current feelings and thoughts, whether good or bad.


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