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My personal Journey to Oasis

These last few weeks, I’ve been in training, advancing my niche! A niche I didn’t choose but was chosen, lol! God definitely is humorous, lol!

Moment of transparency/Trigger Warning ⚠️ :

April 2020, my life changed….. I found out I was pregnant with Amani Lolade Lawal 😇; I thought I was gaining Covid weight, lol! But on Thursday, May 21, 2020, I (we) experienced a miscarriage….. I was 12 weeks and 2 days! A day I’ll never forget….. it still hurt today!

After the loss, I knew I would never be the same; I’m not! I fought not to be depressed, but it happen; I had to sit in it and feel every emotion! I tried to counsel myself….epic fail! In hindsight, I feel as apart of the discharge we should've been referred to therapy!

One day God dropped in my spirit while studying for my LCSW and pondering what I want to achieve once I accomplished LCSW status. I remember vividly hearing, “you’ll provide a safe space for people to heal,” hence Journey to Oasis ….. I questioned God, how can I possibly provide a safe space and I’m broken?

Fast forward to January 2021, I concur the LCSW, and by the end of the month, I’ve seen my first client! So from January to May, I received many referrals from women experiencing infertility, postpartum depression, PCOS, and other women's health issues…… I would kindly decline services because I was still broken …. To myself, I thought I couldn’t help them ….. heck, I need help!

So May 2021, I dump Davita and launch a full-time practice, okurrrrrr! So now I’m praying for partnership…..Here comes God

with a blessing ….. I was approached by an organization seeking partnership with Clinicians of Color, ok God, I see you! So the meeting day comes, and for some odd reason, I was anxious and questioning myself! The organization's founder explained her goals and targeted population….. Mental Health Services to Women of Color in Prenatal or Postpartum Stages! Oh no, oh no, no no no lol!

We shared our experiences with pregnancy and motherhood…..whew, chile! During the meeting, while sharing, I realized it had been a year since the miscarriage, so that’s why I was so emotional! So after the meeting, without hesitation, we decided I would be an excellent fit for partnership!

So before the meeting, I counseled my first client, who experienced infertility due to PCOS….. I felt her hurt and pain! By Mid-June, I had added four women who suffered from women's health issues! During our sessions, I thought it was necessary to be transparent with each of my clients; my transparency normalized me, and the therapeutic alliance is stronger than ever!!

So because I am an all-in type of person, I decided to pursue Birthing Doula and Perinatal Mental Health Certifications!

As of today, Journey to Oasis Counseling and Consulting Services now offers Reproductive Counseling and Doula Services!

As I evolve, I am grateful for my support system who loved me during my valley days! I couldn't imagine going through that traumatic event by myself! So my life work has allowed me to provide a safe space for my clients to experience transformation and healing!

OAN: Quit asking people/couples when they’re going to start a family; it makes the US feel uncomfortable! So please take this free advice from your neighborhood therapist and mind yo business and quit worrying bout mine and other women's uterus! Thank you!

#blackdoula #blacktherapist

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